Magic Mind Productivity & Wellness Shot

Magic Mind

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Magic Mind - 2 oz Productivity & Wellness Shot

A magical 2-oz shot that delivers sustained energy and focus alongside reduced stress and anxiety. Magic Mind is made up of 12 active ingredients designed to boost focus, creativity, energy, and motivation while decreasing stress and oxidation.

Productivity is more than energy. Magic Mind's unique blend of matcha, nootropics, and adaptogens work together to get you into your "flow state". No anxiety, no jitters, just sustained focus and productivity. Our founder literally wrote the book on nootropics after a visit to the ER made him realize the damage caffeine was doing to his body. More than a decade later, after 100+ formulations all backed by a star-studded scientific advisory board, and we bring you Magic Mind. What Forbes called, "Silicon Valley's new morning elixir."

Take alongside or in place of your morning cup of coffee/tea for 7-8 hours of flow state, and watch that to-do list melt away. Differentiated alternative to run-of-the-mill wellness shots, cold pressed juices, and energy drinks.

Shelf life: 6 months guaranteed. No refrigeration required, but best enjoyed cool.

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