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Serama, the World's Smallest Chicken Breed

Note not all of these birds are in the shop today.  Please call ahead with any questions. 

Chicks are only sold straight run (unsexed). Because of their size we recommend you purchase A MINIMUM of 2 or more Serama chicks, for their benefit.

Serama is the world's smallest chicken breed. Serama originated in Malaysia about 50 years ago and as adults can range from 7oz. to 19oz in size.

These tiny chickens are a hardy, heat tolerant breed that thrives in our hot Arizona climate.

Serama are full of personality and are often raised for show, even the roosters make great pets.

They are a fast growing breed and fully feather out in about 3 weeks. They can start laying eggs between 3 and 4 months of age, unlike full size breeds that can take up to 6 months to get to point of lay.

Not enough space for chickens? Because of their small size, Serama are easy on the landscape, they won't destroy your garden, like full size hens. Serama are perfect for small spaces and yards as they don't require as much space per bird. Some people even keep them inside.

A small percentage of our Serama will frizzle. Because of their frizzled (curly) feathers these Serama cannot hop a 4ft fence, so they'll stay in your yard.
Our Serama chicks are ready to rehomed between 1 to 2 weeks of age. Please call for availability and color selection. All Serama chicks are sold straight run, un-sexed.

We do not currently offer shipping for chicks.

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